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“A society of unquestionable morals, ethics and integrity: “We have a duty to leave the next generations with a society operating on good values and morals. ISG Namibia wants to be a strategic leader in an environment where businesses are sustainable while unwavering in their ethical standards, exceptional moral values and good corporate governance.”

- Eben de Klerk

ISG RISK SERVICES CC (ISG Namibia) provides a unique combination of strategic planning, business development and strengthening, financial, investigatory, legal and compliance, and risk management services to provide holistic solutions to many problems facing businesses today.
ISG Namibia is a wholly owned Namibian firm founded in 2009. ISG Namibia’s team of professionals have excellent experience in providing services to entities in both private and public sectors as well as to civil society. Our niche in the market stems from the diverse set of skills of our professionals who have expertise in numerous disciplines of business management.
We believe that accountability for progress and good principles in our society, contributing to the economy, and ensuring ethical businesses practices, starts with the individual; to practice our occupation based on good values. As consultants we provide a service that will add practical value towards reaching the desired outcomes for our clients.

We provide a complete list of business related services

Financial Technology Solution Design

Our experts have extensive experience in the business solution design and functional specification of... MORE

Project Management

Effective project management through regular and concise reporting to maintains progress is the... MORE

Core Business Advisory

To grow your business, regular innovation is required. This includes viable business plans and... MORE

Financial Managed Services

Sustainability and growth is dependent on accurate and reliable bookkeeping. We can assist with... MORE

Business Strategy

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In an ever-changing environment, it is crucial that your team... MORE


Our team of professional risk managers can assist with... MORE

Futures Studies

Our expert in futures studies (forecasting) can assist with... MORE


Special Investigations, Forensic Investigations (inclusive of legally sound conclusions and recommendations)... MORE

Our skilled professionals

Eben is an experienced lawyer. His areas of expertise include regulation, corporate governance and policies. He is also a certified financial planning® professional and associate member of the Institute of Risk Management South Africa. His passion business sustainability based on ethical values. He is a practicing lawyer, former public prosecutor, financial manager, regulatory manager, financial advisor and business services consultant. He is a co-founder of the Economic Policy Research Association and an activist for the improvementof business friendly, pro-growth policies in Namibia. He served on numerous boards, including the Board for Legal Education and the Medicines Regulatory Council. He conducted numerous research studies on rule of law, regulatory impact, economic policies, and many more. He firmly believes that “Africa can choose not to be poor”.

More about Eben
Eben holds the B.Comm (Acc 3 and Law), B.HonsB B&A, LLB, MPhil Futures Studies and MBA degrees as well as the Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. He is an Admitted Legal Practitioner in Namibia, Certified Financial Planning® Professional, a High Court Accredited Mediator and registered Estate Practitioner with the Master of the High Court. He is a member of the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa and Associate Member at the Institute of Risk Management South Africa. Is the vice-chairperson of the Namibia Association for Risk Management.
Carla worked in several sectors of the financial services industry, and especially has exceptional experience in the banking industry. Her passions are business solution design, problem solving, value addition through providing insights and solutions, and overseeing the delivery. Her areas of expertise are in business and operational finances, business analysis, finance systems and project management. She has over 12 years’ experience in finance and payment systems solution design in the banking industry.

More about Carla
Carla completed her B.Com (Law) and B.Com Honours degree in Accounting (CTA). She attained her audit articles at Ernst & Young. She is a member of Namibia Institute of Professional Accountants (NIPA). She completed accredited courses in Advance Excel and Financial Modelling, PROSCII Change Management Program, Foundational Payments certification with Payment Association of South Africa and Analytics Translator Master Class at the University of Amsterdam. She formerly held positions as an audit clerk, audit supervisor, financial manager, senior business analyst, business solution design expert, project manager and consultant in various high level banking projects (regulatory and new product design).
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